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Vest Agder such good looking headwear and beautiful handwork….



West Agder silver


Vest Agder is the southern most area of Norway and it has a group of the prettiest bunad…as you can see in the photo above they have basic style is a separate bodice (although it is attached to the skirt at the sides with woven bands) Side bands

and in the back with a most unique  method:


This is from the bunad that is worn in the Mandal area of Agder.

Here is a great photo of the many of the features of the wonderful bunad of this area and it includes a wedding crown.


Sirdal is an area in the northern area of Vest Agder and the bunad from that area is not seen quite as often from this area

sirdalsbunad_465496dSirdal and Nordslands The Sirdal is on the left (it is a Nordlands bunad on the right)

As you may have seen in the photo of the sølje shown at the beginning of the post… it looks much like that from Telemark as well Aust AgderWest Agder LadyIt features a large bol in bright silver and the neck pin is very distinctive you may look at it on the website at:

I find the best place to see more about the costumes from this area is to look check out the link at:

young girl West Agder

vestagderbunaden-dameWest Agder Stripe in Green