Bunad by region or county…Hordaland:Sogn og Fjordane:Møre and Romsdal:Sør (South) Trøndelag:Nord (North) Trøndelag


We started posting bunader by county and we thought we would continue…

This area of Norway has a great assortment of bunad and ones that will be very familiar to many as the Hardanger bunad is one that started out as the Nationalbunad and you have probably seen in many places….also the Voss bunad looks a great deal like the Hardanger and a few of the others this region have the same type of black skirt and red bodice and white apron of sorts…but then there are other that are quite different! Also there is the other major city (Bergen) located in this region, so many have visited this part of Norway and may find it interesting how many other bunads there are from very close to Bergen.





1. Bergendrakt

  a. Bergen Festdrakt

2. Askøy

3. Austevoll

4. Fana

5. Fusa

6. Hardanger

7. Norhordaland

8. Os

9.  Sotra

10.  Sunnhordaland

11. Voss

12. Kvinnherad

13. Tysnes

14. Fitjar

15. Samnanger


Sogn og Fjordane

sogn og fjordane



1. Nordfjord

2. Sogn

3. Sunnfjord

4. Brekke

Møre and Romsdal

More and Romsdal



1. Romsdal

2. Ørskog in Sunnmøre

4. Hjørundfjord

5. Nordmøre

6. Sunnmøre

7. Aure og Hemne

Sør (South)Trøndelag

south trondelag



1. Trøndelag

2. Meldal

3. Haltdalen

4. Ålen

5. Tydal

6. Selbu

7. Oppdal

8. Orkdal

Nord (North) Trøndelag

North Trondelag map

North Trondelag cities



1. Nord-Trøndelag

2. Namdalen

There are just a few more areas that have not been covered and they will be done in another blog….hope you find it helpful to have the bunader available by region or county with the major cities or municipalities listed…

Please also know that there are other bunads that may not be mentioned here…let me know if you have one that may have been missed but this should cover some of the major ones and if you have any questions let me know!

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    • Kristiansund is in the Møre og Romsdal “county” of Norway in the Nordmøre region therefore you would wear the Nordmøre bunad which is quite a nice looking one. It has a different hat for an unmarried woman than what a married woman would wear. I believe I have posted photos, I have not I will put some on the blog for you…..

    • Sandnes is a city and municipality in Rogaland county. It is part of the region of Jæren. There is a bunad/drakt specifically from the Jæren region although most people from the Rogaland area of Norway would wear the more traditional Rogaland bunad….I can provide you with a link so that you can look at each of them. I am not sure where you are located but I would think that if you are in the states you would more than likely have seen a Rogaland bunad at some time, but probably have never seen the one from Jæren as it is newer (from 1980’s). If you are looking to purchase either one you will have to either buy them from Norway or be willing to make it yourself or have some one make it for you. If that is of interest to you then I would contact Sue at http://www.bunadbutikken.com to have her help you purchase the kit to make the costume:
      Here are the links:
      There are Rogaland bunad from the different regions within Rogaland but for the area you are from I am not familiar with one that is specifically from your area (other than then the Jæren bunad mentioned above which is not considered a “Rogaland bunad”) I hope this helps you and if you have any additional questions let me know….

  1. I am having a Bunad made for my daughter and would like to know Bunad design would be most appropriate. PAULSONS were from Selbu area by Throndheim & Hafslo near Bergen area on the fiords. Gillies were from Hamar north of Oslo and Stange also north of Oslo.
    Also is there a particular style or thread colors to use for embroidery. I plan to use my embroidery machine to mimic the design. I am able to have images scanned and digitized for my machine. I would appreciate any suggestions.

    • Well if your family is from Trondheim then normally you would wear a Trøndelag bunad which is quite nice and comes in a few colors with a damask top and I believe you could have it made by http://www.bunadrosen.no/damebunad/tronderbunad but you would more than likely have to make a trip to Norway to be measured to have it made. I believe Hafslo is actually in Sogn og Fjordane and therefore you would want to look for the bunad that is worn in that area and it would be one that you could purchase when you went to Norway from http://www.norskflid.no/bunad/bunader/sogn-og-fjordane/sognebunad/. Most places in Norway you are unable to order from them from the US. They want you to come to the shop and order directly from them in Norway. You would not be have images scanned and then sew out on your embroidery machine as that is not “ekte” as all bunader are hand done and NEVER done by machine. You will find that some of the cheaper ones are being done in the Far East and they are not in “true fashion’ But you should only have a bunad made by hand IN NORWAY. Otherwise I would highly suggest that you consider a Festdrakt as they are not as specific on how they need to be made and many are quite beautiful. They are often not region specific, yet some are! There is one that is from the Western area of Norway called the Vestlandsdrakten and it is from the area close to Bergen:http://www.vestlandsdrakten.no/produkter_vd_dame.html
      If you wish to have a bunader from either Hamar or Stange they are both located in Hedmark and you could choose one of the bunad from Hedmark….there are version from 1955 and another from 1985…. I am in the middle of restoring on from before 1955 and if you are interested an older one the woman who owns it is very interested in selling it… OR there is also a bunad that is worn in Hedmark and in Oppland that is quite pretty that you may want to consider and it is called Lundeby. It is very popular and one that you may be able to purchase used via a website in Norway that is somewhat like craigslist and ebay in this country. If you have contacts in Norway it is very helpful as sometimes it is hard to arrange payment and shipping but the prices (especially right now with exchange rate) are very reasonable. I have seen many Lundeby on there for sale and there were very nice condition and great prices. The website is http://www.finn.no and look under “torget” and put bunad in the search window. If you are looking to make one on your own you can contact Sue at http://www.bunadbutikken.com and she will sell you the full kit to complete a bunad. But you will have to do the embroidery by hand. I do quite a bit of embroidery that I digitize myself but never do that on ekte bunad only on festdrakt!. If you wish to have someone make a bunad for you this country there is also a wonderful experienced person that can make ekte bunad and they are very beautiful…. her name is:Karin Nærø Custance she is on Facebook you may want to look her up as well.
      There are very specific thread colors that are used and they are all wool, no synthetic fabrics on the bunader. I do not mean to be a broken record but these design are not made to be duplicated they are only to be done by hand and the only way you can get the design is to buy a full kit which will run you about $ 1500 or more depending on the costume you choose. That is why I suggest you think about buying either a used one from Norway or think about a festdrakt. Good luck and if I can help you any more let me know.

    • Balestrand is located in the Sogn region of Sogn og Fjordane you can find a photo of the bunad from that area on the Husflid website and here a link:https://www.norskflid.no/bunad/bunader/sogn-og-fjordane/… it is quite beautiful with a brocade top, a woven stripe apron and the most interesting design along the bottom of the skirt that depicts both the mountains and the sea (features of the region). It is quite beautiful and if interested in owning one you would need to make a trip to Norway to be fitted for it at the local Husflid… or you could contact Sue at http://www.bunadbutikken.com in the US as she sells the kits to make it (as well as teaching classes) and also sells the finished product.

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