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Bunader by county; Nordland:Troms: Finnmark


map with color counties

Nordlands cities


1. Nordsland

2. Ofoten

3. Lofoten


Troms map

Troms cities



2. Kvænangen

3. Kåfjord

4. Skjervøy

5. Karlsøy


Finnmark map

Finnmark cities


1. Finnmark

Hopefully you have found the city or municipality that you are from in Norway and then located the bunad from that area. If you would like more information on a particular bunad please contact me. Or you can look it up in one of the books mentioned in previous blogs.

Bunad by region or county…Hordaland:Sogn og Fjordane:Møre and Romsdal:Sør (South) Trøndelag:Nord (North) Trøndelag


We started posting bunader by county and we thought we would continue…

This area of Norway has a great assortment of bunad and ones that will be very familiar to many as the Hardanger bunad is one that started out as the Nationalbunad and you have probably seen in many places….also the Voss bunad looks a great deal like the Hardanger and a few of the others this region have the same type of black skirt and red bodice and white apron of sorts…but then there are other that are quite different! Also there is the other major city (Bergen) located in this region, so many have visited this part of Norway and may find it interesting how many other bunads there are from very close to Bergen.




1. Bergendrakt

  a. Bergen Festdrakt

2. Askøy

3. Austevoll

4. Fana

5. Fusa

6. Hardanger

7. Norhordaland

8. Os

9.  Sotra

10.  Sunnhordaland

11. Voss

12. Kvinnherad

13. Tysnes

14. Fitjar

15. Samnanger


Sogn og Fjordane

sogn og fjordane


1. Nordfjord

2. Sogn

3. Sunnfjord

4. Brekke

Møre and Romsdal

More and Romsdal


1. Romsdal

2. Ørskog in Sunnmøre

4. Hjørundfjord

5. Nordmøre

6. Sunnmøre

7. Aure og Hemne

Sør (South)Trøndelag

south trondelag


1. Trøndelag

2. Meldal

3. Haltdalen

4. Ålen

5. Tydal

6. Selbu

7. Oppdal

8. Orkdal

Nord (North) Trøndelag

North Trondelag map

North Trondelag cities


1. Nord-Trøndelag

2. Namdalen

There are just a few more areas that have not been covered and they will be done in another blog….hope you find it helpful to have the bunader available by region or county with the major cities or municipalities listed…

Please also know that there are other bunads that may not be mentioned here…let me know if you have one that may have been missed but this should cover some of the major ones and if you have any questions let me know!

Regions within the counties or “fylke” a way to know more about Norwegian bunad!


map with color counties                                         norge1

Having done a great deal of research on bunad I have spent many hours looking at places within Norway and where they are located. Thought you may find it interesting and wanted to share some of this “knowledge”…..don’t know if that is the word but here goes!

Before you can decide what bunad you are going to choose you need to know a little bit about Norwegian geography or at least where your family is from. I have suggested books to do the research and most will tell you about the costumes, one will give you a map to show you where the costumes come from based on the map and that one is “A Sampler of Norway’s Folk Costume” by Thorbjørg Hjelmen Ugland. In the front of that book they show a map of major cities with the corresponding bunad. Here is a  brief list based on the counties (or fylke), please understand there are over 250 different bunader so this is just some of the ones…to see a complete list you must purchase or borrow bunadlexicon (there is now a paperback version of it but it still quite costly) and only available in Norwegian.

For this blog I will start in the southern most part Norway and then in other blogs do the other sections…..

Aust  Agder  (Arendal, Åmli, Setesdal, Grimstad)

east agder map


1. Aust  (East) Agder

2. Setesdal

3. Åmli


Vest (West) Agder  (Kristiansand,Flekkefjord)

West agder


1. Vest (West) Agder


▪ Skie



2. Follo
3. Romerike


▪ Sarpsborg
▪ Askim




3. Mysen og Eidsberg






(Drammen,Kongsberg, Tranby,Hallingdal, Numedal, Sigdal/Eddedal,Hønefoss)



1. Nedre (lower) Buskerud

2. Gol

3. Hallingdal

4. Ringerike

5. Sigdal-Eggedal


7.Øvre Numedal (Upper)

8. Numedal
9. Rollag
10. Flå
11. Ådal
12. Hønefoss
13. Hurum
Rogaland (Stavanger)
1. Rogaland with many variations
a. Tjelmeland
b. Llando
c. Frafjord
d. Jelsa
e. Erfjord
f. Bokn
g. Bjerkreim
▪ Notodden
▪ Telemark
1. Øst Telemark
2. Vest  Telemark
3. Tinn
4. Beltestakk
5. Stakk og Liv
6. Lunde
7. Drangedal

Vestfold  (Sandefjord, Larvik,Tønsberg, Horten)




Have fun figuring out where your family is  from or want to have your bunad from…… of these are either posted are will be posted in the near future….

Lundeby drakt….or costume….


Lundeby woman

Lundeby costume is one of the prettiest costumes and one that is often worn in Oppland or Hedmark


It was designed by pictorial artist Ulf Lundeby who lived in Lillehammer (in Oppland) and it is yet to be considered a bunad, and we will refer to it a as a costume or a drakt.

Ulf Lundeby designed the folk costume for a friend in honor of her 50th birthday in 1932. Although he lived in Lillehammer at the time  he was from Solør-Odal (in Hedmark) ,there are many that think it is Hedmark’s regional special folk costume. But it is also worn by many in the Oppland region as an embroidery shop in Lillehammer, Søstrene Julin, was given the rights to use Ulf Lundeby designs. It is  somewhat confusing, but a very popular costume, and the embroidery is quite beautiful and very flattering to many who wear it.

During World War II fabric was scarce, especially the darker color wools. Therefore the patterns of the Lundeby costume were traced onto white or natural wool. This is one of the ones you will still seen made in the white wool, often worn with white bunad shoes.

A plain blouse with a shirred neck is worn with this costume as no special blouse was ever designed. Raw silk blouses (trimmed in tatting) were worn with the white costumes, because it was thought to be more suitable than the bright white linen blouses, worn with the black or dark blue wool costumes.

You may see the purse being worn with either a clasp made out of brass or silver.

The hat has the same embroidery as the costume

Stockings are to be black with the black or blue costumes and white with the white costume.

There was no special silver designed for the Lundeby costume  (the pins are of traditional designs)

If you wish to purchase a jacket it should look like the one that is worn with the Gudbrandsdalen bunad.

(information from “A Sampler of Norway’s Folk Costumes by Thorbjøg Hjelmen Ugland)

Lundeby Lady

Lundeby white

Lundeby white (should be worn with white bunad shoes)

Lundeby silver package

Lundeby silver package from



This may be a great choice for someone who wants a beautiful costume that is available in black, dark blue or white , as  it has pretty accent colors in shades of pink, it also has a wonderful trellis design along the hem line….and if you have interest in the areas of Norway  of Oppland or Hedmark regions, this is the costume for you!

blue lundeby