Valdres Bunad


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If you wish to visit Valdres here is a link for more information:

If you are have descendants from Valdres you may want to check out this website as it is for those living in the US & Canada that had family that immigrated from the Valdres valley:

Slidrefjorden valdres800px-Lake_Helin_Vang_Valdres_Norway

A beautiful valley area in the Oppland region of Norway. Also has a beautiful bunad with two versions

the Old (Gammel) Valdres designed in 1914

Valdres woman




Old Valdres frontOld Valdres backValdres blouse


Valdres lady

The “old” Valdres costume is from 1914, but the one you see today is different than the earlier editions. It was designed by Hulda Garborg together with the artists Anna and Askel Johnnesen. The designs themes were taken from old head dresses and shawls from Valdres. The costume is made in black or blue  wool.  It has multicolored embroidery on the bodice, skirt, bag and hat.  It may include a red cotton petticoat which is finished with a pleated edge. The shirt is made of cotton or linen with white or colored embroidery. The cape may be full or three quarter length and is also made out of the same fabric as the bunad. There is a wide variety of silver that can be warn with this costume. The stockings shall be black or blue.


New ValdresNew Valdres 2New Valdres back

photos from



The “new” (Nye) Valdres costume is from 1948. . The costume is made in black or blue-green wool  with multicolored embroidery. The skirt is pleated in the front and gathered in the back. There is a 3 cm wide green border on the bottom of the skirt with red edging just above, then there are flowers embroidered along the border in wool in many beautiful colors.  The bodice has deep breast shaping with embroidery on the front, plus a small embroidery at the neck.  It is also has embroidery on the purse (which has a green wool edging) and on the hat. The shirt is made of cotton or linen with white or colored embroidery. The cape is made in the same fabric as costume. The stockings worn with this are black. Same is true of the silver for this costume as with the “old Valdres”


Silver for Valdres bunad

It is often said that only a married woman wears the metal belt….maybe it  because only a married woman can afford the belt. As each one of the segments can cost more than $ 40/each.  A good reason not to gain weight !!!!!

It seems that when the bunad have a newer version they tend to be a bit simpler and I believe they seem to be a bit more “revealing” or flattering how ever you want to look at it…. In the case of the Valdres you will notice the New Valdres the bodice is lower cut than the Old Valdres . The Old also has so much more embroidery, so if you are planning on doing the embroidery yourself you may want to consider trying the newer one! Also notice the tucks on the skirt are a bit different on the newer one…more like pleats on the New version….another style better suited for a smaller person. (or possibly one with less “curves”)  Either way you have a great deal of fabric to allow for change if needed at a future time in your life. OR if you purchase a used bunad it is nice because you can let them out a great deal if the bodice allow for your size. Even then there is usually a good chance that you can alter the bodice to at least one or two sizes if you need to have that done. I can help you if you have an older bunad you need to have altered or repaired as I have done this many times. Even to take some of the fabric from the seams to help cover moth holes that have occurred on the ones that have sat in closets or trunks for a long period of time….let me know if you need assistance with the care of an older bunad!


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    • This is great to have a location for folks that would want a Valdres bunad and they can get one. The question is do you ship to the US. I understand that they would have to communicate in Norwegian but will you ship outside of Norway?

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