Lofoten Bunad from Norway



Lofoten one of the most beautiful places in Norway

also has one of the most bunads !!!!!

Lofoten map


map for Nordlands

Located in the northern area of Norway….Lofoten has beautiful scenery and beautiful wildlife…some of which is depicted in their national costume shown below…..

Lofoten Ladieslofoten-bunadrosen-02 back

(photos from www.bunadrosen.no website)

Lofoten Lady

lofoten back and front

Lofoten Lady

This beautiful costume was completed in 1948 and was very popular as soon as it was introduced. It depicts the flowers of the region embroidered on the bodice & the skirt which are made out of dark blue wool. The skirt has a edging of red along the hem.

The bodice closure are 6 silver buttons which are engraved with the same floral pattern as found on the costume. The blouse is white linen and has embroidery on the collar & cuffs.

The cape is half length & is made out of the same blue wool and is lined in red wool. The stocking should be black or white with this costume (or sometimes grey)


Lofoten silver photo from www.bunadrosen.no



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