More Bunad Blouses


There was just a recent blog about bunad blouses, then I found additional photos of these beautiful blouses….



Nord Hordaland






West Agder

West Oppland

Here is the google translation…..

 Have you bought yourself a valuable costume shirt – make sure to take good care of it! Generally, costume shirts washed by hand. De  They require careful handling, proper temperature (max. 60 ° C) and neutral detergent (eg Milo). In addition, it is important to be generous with rinsing.
Poor rinsing will cause the shirt yellowing gradually.  Always wash your shirt immediately after use. Do not iron it before you pack it away, it only leads to the yellowing.  Embed it in a shirt bag of fabric.
If your shirt all been yellow, wash it to see if it will be whiter. If that does not help, we have found that BIOTEX white is an effective aid, but remember to use vessel of steel, rinse well, at least 10 rinse water must be added.

For general washing instructions remember that one of the best ways to brighten whites is to wash them by hand (with your favorite gentle soap), then while they are still wet lay them out on the green grass on a white terry towel on a very sunny day……you will be very surprised to see how bright whites will become.

Here are the instructions the website gives for ironing the bunad blouse

Ironing of linen shirt

 There is no easy shortcut to nicely ironed costume shirt – there’s no such thing as ironed linen, for those who were thinking that thought.  But some advice is good is to:  Moisten the shirt easily, put it in a clean plastic bag. Leave it a few hours. When the shirt has been in the bag a while it will make it easier to iron. 
Please be patient!  When you pull into the tucks, stretch a little in substance to pull out the wrinkles.
Hang the shirt after ironing, and let it hang until it is completely dry.  Then it should stay neat much longer.

They suggest not ironing until you need to use it….

I break the rules and use spray starch and find that one brand works best for a longer period of time….especially if I have to be in my bunad all day. That is Faultess  Maxx, it is in a black pump bottle quite hard to find. So I order it on line from the company thru the link listed below


I also make sure my iron is clean as nothing is more aggravating then trying to iron white linen or good white cotton with a dirty iron….and a good steam iron will make this job much easier to do. Good luck in finding one that does not “spit” I have used Rowenta for a long time but also use an Oliso iron… try which ever one works best for you. But you will need a good one to iron your bunad blouse!



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