So many different Sølje….


Hallingdal Sølje


When you wonder what is the correct silver to wear with your bunad there is of course is an answer from the Norwegian Institute of Bunad and Folk Costume ** as they provide a  great deal of information on all areas of the subject of bunad as well the topics related to them and in this case the silver or Sølje. Listed below is the statement that comes from their list of frequently asked questions.

” Can I use silver that does not belong to the costume? 
If you have inherited silver, please feel free to use this. Otherwise, we recommend that you use silver which is designed to costume.”

It clearly states that if you have inherited the silver then it is proper to wear it. I have also read online from the many question presented to the “experts” that if you receive it as your confirmation gift it can also be worn. [ As it is traditional in Norway (and also in the US to Norwegian/Americans) to receive your bunad as a gift for your confirmation.]

There is a wonderful list of the correct silver to be worn with each of the bunad on various websites . One that is easy to navigate and that will give you a good idea of the various pins etc is:

This is a great company to work with as they source from various silver companies in Norway and provide you with a variety of all the wonderful pieces needed to complete your bunad. As you may know there are some 450 different bunad designs from the various regions around Norway and most of them have their own types of: pins/earrings/rings/neck pins/cufflinks and even knives that can be worn with the costumes.

It is most important that you have the proper jewelry when wearing your bunad as you do not want to be caught by the bunad police….wearing something as seen below:

OH nooo gold earrings and silver brooch

THIS IS A BIG NO NO !!!!!!!!!  No giant tacky earrings when wearing your bunad. If you do not own the proper earrings then wear nothing until you can find the correct ones.

There is a chance you will find something on ebay or locate them in a antique store or on etsy…but buying them from Norway or one of the on line shops such as:

Would be the best way as this way you know you will be getting the best quality.

I prefer buying direct from Sando in Norway but the cost of shipping is quite high, but they have a wonderful assortment and are great to work with.

Show below are some of the complete groupings of sølje for specific bunad…hopefully you will see the one for your favorite bunad.



Bergen Silver


Hardanger Ladies Silver


                           Voss Men’s Silver                                      

Rogaland Silver

Rogaland Silver


          Trøndelog Silver


Gudbrandsdalen Silver


Nordlands Silver

*** Photographs from the website and the website


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