Greetings to a New Blog


Lier solje

Lier earrings and cuff links

Lief solje 2

Lier girlWelcome to a new blog about Norsk Bunad.

I have been wanting to write a blog about bunader for quite some time and hopefully you will find interesting info about bunad and also you will help to add information.

I have done quite a bit of research on the subject but find that I continue to learn and find it very interesting and hope that you do as well.

Here is the most recent bunad that I have found to be so interesting. The embroidery on the Lier bunad from the Buskerud region of Norway, you may notice is of a apple design. It is also depicted on the silver. Lier is located very close to Drammen (just outside of Oslo),_Norway

For more information on this bunad please check out the website

Lier bund from the Buskerud region

Lier wedding crown Lier bunad and wedding crown from the Buskerud region

Lief close up

Close up of the beautiful apple embroidery……

Lier bunad back


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  1. wonderful site! My genealogy takes me back to flekkefjord, which I know to be in Vest Agder. But is there an island specific bunad? Which stockings, shoes and head gear for an old married woman? It’s all so new and exciting!

    • the bunad from Vest Agder are quite beautiful and yes there are some very interesting headwear for married ladies there is a wonderful brochure from husflid that gives you a good look at most of the costumes from your region. I do not know of one specific for an island….try this link: and then click on the bunad to see the brochure that will give you all the info about the costumes you will be interested in. You should be able to ask to have it translated…I need to write a new blog I will do it on the Vest Agder…

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