Great book for photos and reliable information on Norwegian bunader


bookbook 2

If you are looking for a wonderful book that will have the best photos of Norwegian bunader this is book to order. It is done by one of the experts in the field, Laila Duran and her photographs are beautiful. It is  well worth the money ($ 65.00 plus shipping) if you order it from Vesterheim Norwegian-American Museum in Decorah, Iowa  …see the link below. (If you order it from Norway you will pay a great deal of money for the shipping).  And now there is a second addition that is also quite wonderful. Durán

When researching the subject of Norwegian bunad it is very important that  you use the best sources of info and much of what you find in places on the internet such as Pinterest may have incorrect information.  Laila Duran will provide you with wonderful photos but also accurate information and it would make a great gift!


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  1. Thankyou for your work and effort in this site, I have found it to be interesting and helpful. I want to make a hallindal bunad for my granddaughter as well as for one of my won porcelain dolls. Can you help me find the colors used in the skirt band had and vest? Also what type of wool fabric is used for the dress hat and purse and if something different for the needlework as well. What type of yarn is used for the needlework and number of strands. Any of this or more would be helpful,, Also can one order the flower apron fabric from Norway. Thanks Judy email

    • If you would like to make a bunad your best resource is to contact Sue at She has the kits that are necessary in making the ekte Norwegian Hallingdal bunad. That way you will receive the correct wool and appropriate color wool yarns for this costume. You may have enough left over from the kit to make what you need for the doll. I would like to be more helpful but there are no patterns available as they stamp the wool fabric with the exact pattern when you purchase the kit and then provide you with a layout of what colors are needed for the design. You will also receive a chart of the wool yarn colors so that you will know exactly which ones to use. If you are fortunate to make a trip to Norway then you can purchase the kits from Husflid in most towns…but they do not ship to the US. OR if you have family there they may be able to purchase the kit for you and ship. But Bunad Buttiken is the only resource that I know of in this country. Hope this helps.

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