Bunad shoes….another reason to go to bunad jail!


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Bunad shoe

As many of you know wearing the correct shoes is most important when you are wearing your bunad. The bunad shoes are a very important part of your costume. The Norwegian Institute of Bunad and Folk Costume


They provide a wealth of information on the subject of bunad and it is well worth the time to look what they say. In respect to shoes their statement is:

“What shoes should I use for costume? 
We recommend bunadsko, ie Klaveness.  Simple black shoes or shoe / boot with laces can also be used.

Klaveness is a manufacturer in Norway, you may check out the variety of shoes they have on their website below. (As you may have seen there are some bunad that come in white and in that case you should be looking to purchase white bunad shoes for those)


If you wish to order bunad shoes in this country and not have to pay the huge shipping fees, you may often find them on ebay and hope that they are your size and have not been worn too much…good luck on that! Or you can order them from Sue at  bunad butikken in Minnesota and she is quite good about sending them out (as long as she in town). You will notice on the photo at the beginning of the blog Sue’s notes on the page that she sent out. I am not sure if the prices are still good.  But it is worth a phone call.

The shoes are quite comfortable and are very well made and just as the bunad, the shoes will last a very long time! You have made the very large investment in the costume now you need to have the proper shoe to go along….it is well worth the money. And remember along with the shoes you need to be wearing the proper stockings….no traditional stockings…..each bunad has the specified color stockings that are to be worn with that particular bunad. Take the time to research which is correct.

(Sue at bunad butikken can sell the correct stockings as well)


If you would let me know what bunad you have I can also let you know what you should be wearing with you bunad for example :

  • Valdres: stockings should be black or blue
  • Gudbrandsdalen: stockings should be black or blue    (white can be worn with the blue costume)
  • Hardanger: stockings are always black
  • Voss: Stockings are black

These are just a few of the over 450 bunader that are documented therefore in another blog I will list many of the others….also in another blog I will list a few books that are fairly reasonably priced that will give you good information on the subject of bunad and what should be worn with each one.

Hope this helps you to stay away from the bunad police….not that it really exist but always good to know what is correct. It is such a beautiful costume that it should be worn with great pride and looking just right!



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